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Cheap and original ways for edging your garden (make separate elements)

Gardens offer a simple sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. When you look at the greenery and the smattering of color in your garden and inhale the natural scents of plants, it put you on Zen mode and bring a certain level of peace, serenity, and tranquility. It will never fail to put a smile on your face. However, it takes a bit of work to take care of a garden.

It won’t give you an iota of serenity if your garden is a jungle. But don’t lose heart. It is not an impossible task to turn that jungle into an oasis of greenery. One thing that makes gardens beautiful is to design it and put things in order.

You start by laying out your garden, i.e. which plant goes where and which areas are used for what. Then, you can set out to put everything in its place. To establish a sense of space for each location or plant in your garden, you can use some garden edging elements to further separate and beautify the plot. Here are some inexpensive and/or unique garden edging ideas.

Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are usually favored because they can be used as a barrier and a planter at the same time. They are easy to put in place. You don’t need any other special material, tool or equipment, and they are quite affordable too. Just line the edge of the plot with cinder blocks and you are good to go.

Steel edges

Much like cinder blocks, steel edges are inexpensive and easy to purchase. You can use steel edges for raised plant or flower beds. Since they are quite flexible, you can let your imagination run wild with regard to the shape of the bed when using steel edges. You can also paint over them or leave them be, it is up to you.

Wood and timber

Other inexpensive edging materials are wood and timber. You can use wood of any size or height, and it does not have to be uniform. If you are going for a cute, quirky feel, use wood of different sizes. Line them up along the edge to create that boundary for your plants and bed. You just have to hammer them a bit into the soil. You can even score your timber from old railway tracks and repurpose them as edging.

Polypropylene edging

This garden edging material is very affordable and easy to install. When you buy it, it comes with connectors and spikes. Simply outline your plant or flower bed, and since this material is quite flexible, the outline design can be anything you can, and set it in place with the spikes. It is a very simple way to separate the bed from your lawn or the rest of your garden.

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