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How to eat out on a budget – This is how it’s done

It is great to eat out and enjoy fantastic food outside your home. But eating out may cost $30 to $50 for two people. Good thing there are ways to still eat out and not break the bank. Here are some tips.

The very basic tip is to set a budget if you want to eat out. Set a specific amount that you are able to spend and stick to it.

You can also look for websites that sell gift certificates at a lower price. Some local businesses offer such to get new customers to come in. So take advantage of such offers. You can also find discounts on Groupon. Groupon features discounts on food or at restaurants. You just simply locate a restaurant near you and find what great deals are available. You can also earn gift cards when you do online work. offers gift cards as an alternative way of compensation. Or you can buy discounted gift cards from or also offers more discounts for first-timers.

Another tip is to go to self-serve restaurants. By reducing the manpower, the restaurant’s overhead expenses are lower so they can offer lower prices. Some even do not require tipping so that saves you a buck or two. You can also try ordering half meals. Some restaurants do this, some don’t. This is good especially when dining alone and you cannot finish a regular order by yourself. Depending on your order, if it is easy to split, most restaurants are willing to do this for their customers.

If you have children, find restaurants that offer free meals for kids. Some restaurants offer a free kiddie meal to every paying adult. This will certainly help in reducing your expenses.

Another way to save money when eating out is sharing the meal. Most portion sizes are too big for one person anyway so why not share one meal and cut your bill in half?

There are many more ways to find a way to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant without spending a lot.

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