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How to save money on gaming

Gaming used to be a hobby for the rich because the cost of the equipment was quite high in the past. But over the years game consoles have become more affordable that everyone can buy one. All the more in the 21st century when hi-tech gadgets are a dime a dozen and are readily available. For the serious gamer, a gaming PC is a must-have. Of course, you will also need a gaming monitor, video games, a gaming headset, and a gaming keyboard. The entire basic setup may set you back USD 1,400. But it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are ways to save money on gaming.  


Buy (used) and Sell 

When playing video games, it does not matter if you use secondhand equipment. What matters is they are in proper working order. Buying used equipment or video games instantly halves the price, if you know where to look. Online stores sell used equipment and you can get sweet deals from them. New games only cost USD 20. To be on the safe side, always test the equipment before making a commitment to buy it. If you buy it online, check the return policy. 


At the same time, if you want to upgrade your equipment, sell your current equipment and use that money to buy your new setup. Ditto for video games you’ve outgrown or don’t play anymore. You can sell them and buy new games you want. Or you can look for sites or communities that trade video games. You can swap titles with someone else with no cash involved. I bet that there are a lot of like-minded people looking for a great trade. Just don’t bet all your video games away. And today’s betting tips are free. Always remember that someone’s trash is another’s treasure.  


Look for freebies, bundles, and promotions 

Since companies always come up with an updated or upgraded version of a console, they tend to lower the price of a previous model. You don’t always need the latest game console version. The previous model may be quite a steal. Plus, the video games compatible to those consoles will also be discounted.  


Most of the time, stores offer various promotions to push the sales of consoles, PCs, and video games. They can offer bundles, e.g. you get a discounted price for buying a console and video games, or several video games. Or they can just give away free video games when you buy a console or a PC at a certain price. Whatever the combination, make sure you check various shops and online stores before buying.  


Value for your money 

Some people buy consoles or video games on a whim, without thinking how long they will actually use the equipment or play the game. Some are carried by the hype and end up not using the console or playing the game after a while.  


When buying equipment, think about the mid-term to long-term. Ask yourself how long you plan to use the equipment. Same goes for video games. Think about its replayability. Will you still want to play it over and over again? Will the game offer something different even if you repeat it? If the answer is no, think twice before making that purchase. 


Gaming is a fun hobby but it does not have to break the bank in order to sustain it. 


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