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Want to afford staying at a Luxury hotel? Here are some budget tips to do it

Everyone wants to make memories with loved ones and everyone wants to stay at luxury hotels when possible. Even with special deals and packages, luxury hotel rates are still pricey. But with these smart tips, you will be able to afford staying at those posh accommodations.

Act like a tourist somewhere else

Why spend hundreds of dollars if you are not going to stay and enjoy plush surroundings? If you plan to go sightseeing, book a cheaper room where you will just sleep. When you move to the luxury hotel, stay and enjoy all its amenities and get ready to be pampered.

Very important: don’t be picky with dates

Let’s face it. Hotels hike up their prices during holiday season. So if you got your heart set on that five-star hotel, consider adjusting your travel dates to knock off hundred of dollars off your expenses.

Embrace what is included

Be familiar with all the inclusions in your package and enjoy them to the fullest before paying for those extra activities and amenities.

The view is not everything

You want to have that sunset view from your bed or balcony? That is well and good but that jacks up the price of your room by 20-30%. You can still enjoy the beautiful view from other parts of the resort so be willing to take a room with a so-so view.

Focus on quality time

Be wise about your check in and check out schedule. If you arrive several hours after check in time, instead of going directly to the luxury hotel, try to book at a lower priced hotel and spend the night there. You can go enjoy the more posh accommodations the next day after you are well-rested. Ditto on your last day. If your flight is a few hours before check out, transfer to cheaper accommodations. This will save you 2 nights-worth in terms of cost.

If you follow these tips, you will maximize your budget and keep it as low as possible.

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